Istanbul Sights

I wanted to go to the most well known sight in Istanbul ” The Hagia Sophia”. The Hagia Sophia is a gigantic mosque which is now a museum but originally it was a Christian church in roman times. The massive building was built by the roman emperor Konstantios in 360CE. The Hagia Sophia was rebuilt three times in the same place. It was the biggest church in the world until S.Peters was built.  It was very big.

We also went to the ” Blue Mosque”. I personaly like the blue mosque better than the Hagia Sophia, because it is more pretty and it is lit up at night!! And I am not kidding about how pretty it is, with all its hand painted tiles and carpets and… It’s just super pretty. When we went in Gabriela had to wear a head scarf and cover up her legs. Luckily I did not have to! In side there was one big red carpet that covered the hole flore. We had to tacke our shoes off and put them in a plastick bag, That is because the Moslems pray kneeling down on the carpet and they put their forehead on the ground. There were some people praying to Allah.

I LOVE ISTANBUL !!!!!! 😍😍😀😀


4 comments to “Istanbul Sights”
4 comments to “Istanbul Sights”
  1. Dear Leonie,

    I looked for you yesterday as we walked by your house… but the movement that got my attention, was not you…

    But I hear you were barefoot on the floor where I could have gotten to lick you!! Rats, missed another chance…

    Woof, and wags,


  2. Leonie, I feel like I was there with you. I miss you, thanks for posting these pictures and your stories. The other post with all the yummy treats made me long for some Turkish Delights. We ate all I brought with me to Nova Scotia.

  3. I love the picture with your grandpa and the all the cap choices – did you also try a Fez hat on? In Thailand, when we lived with a Muslim family for a few days just Oliver was allowed to try on a cap – for us women they suggested to try on some scarfs – they are called hijab.

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