My first fish!

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Yesterday I caught my first fish, off the southwest tip of Amorgos,
in the Cyclades. It was a 7 kg Tuna and it tasted very wonderful.
Hauling it in was hard because the fish was very heavy. When my
grandfather stabbed the tuna right into his eye there was lots of
blood. Then Opa filleted him. Tonight Opa and I cooked him for
dinner, there’s so much meat we have enough for a second dinner.
This is the very first fish we have caught in the Med.


on “My first fish!
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  1. Fishing can be very exciting. I know this from catching trout in the Sooke Lake
    Reservoir many years ago. I actually yelled out loud with ecstasy!
    However, stabbing a fish in the eye is something that I wouldn’t have the heart to do.
    Good thing you have a grandpa, so you don’t have to use these cruel tactics.
    Congratulations, Sol! Even though I am a lover of wildlife, birds and fish, I must admit I wouldn’t say “no” to a delicious dinner with baked fish with lemon, tartar sauce or, may be a little “Worcester Sauce”. Very tasty! Bon appetite! Too bad I couldn’t join you and share a little of it.
    Greetings to your whole family!

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