Back in Greece






After spending two days waiting in Lefkada, Greece, for Sol’s and my luggage to arrive from Lufthansa, we set sail south to begin our journey from the Ionian Sea to southeast Turkey. The first leg takes us through some familiar territory from our time last summer and into the Gulf of Corinth where we will meet Siegfried/Opa. Next up…. the canal.

Being back on the boat is like we never left, and I only had to repair one thing before we could set out, thanks to Holzi working out the over-winter kinks! Franz we owe you a Weissbier, or two when we see you in Starnberg!

5 comments to “Back in Greece”
5 comments to “Back in Greece”
  1. Hallo, hallo! You “lucky ducks!” I feel so jealous…
    or may be not. I just got a new fence to keep the deer out of my garden.
    Isn’t it interesting how we all have different priorities?

    Enjoy your holidays! September will be here soon and that means “back to school”.
    No more swimming in the Starnberger See and boating until next summer.

    Nice to hear from you.
    Bis später! Ingrid

  2. Great to see the start of the blog, looking forward to “our” travels with you over the summer.
    Wishing you safe travels and another wonderful experience.
    All the best Bill, Gabriella, Sol and Leonie.


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