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  1. Happy Birthday Sol! You have had another amazing experience this summer – such great memories for you. Hope you enjoyed your day and enjoy the rest of the summer.

    Kim, Ken, Sean and Chris

  2. Happy 14th, Sol
    Beer initiation?

    I remember when you were a baby, and I was carrying you for a walk in the neighbourhood where your parents used to live.
    Time flies, and you had so many adventures already.

    This is to a great new year, and to many more!

  3. Happy birthday, Sol. We have been following your adventures. Looks like you are having a wonderful and memorable summer.

  4. Happy birthday, Sol! It’s great to be 14! A whole life ahead of you! Enjoy it!
    The first time I met you, you sat in a swing at Windsor Park and your Dad gave you a push. You must have been one or two years old. How time flies!

  5. Happy belated Birthday Sol! We all wish you the best. I hope the beer and your birthday were great! See you soon!
    -The Schmidtke Family

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