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Builder: Chantiers Amel (FRA)
Designer: Henri Amel/J. Carteau
Model: Sharki
Year Constructed: 1988
Hull Type: Fin with rudder on skeg
Rig Type: Masthead Ketch
LOA: 11.96 m
LWL: 9.71 m
Beam: 3.60 m
Listed SA: 74.97 m2 / 807 ft2
Draft (max.): 1.85 m
Disp: 7,802 kg / 17,200 lbs
Ballast: 3,202 kg / 7,060 lbs
Mast Height from DWL: 14.95 m / 49.05 ft
Construction: Fiberglass

Perkins 4108, 48 hp

Water: 757 l / 200 gals.
Fuel: 341 l / 90 gals.



Source: sailboatdata.com

5 comments to “Our Home”
5 comments to “Our Home”
  1. Just accessing this blog now – wow – so envious! Enjoy the travels, and I look forward to reading about the trip as you go along!

  2. Hello,

    Sorry to leave this as a web comment, but I couldn’t find any email address 8-(

    I’m a retiring engineer in San Diego California. I’m very interested in the Amel Sharki. Especially the 1988 and 1989 models.

    Do you still own this Sharki? or know the current owner?

    If you feel your Sharki is ready for new transoceanic adventures, please consider selling her to me.

    I hope you’ll let me know.

    Thank You!


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