Zumba on Elba


Leonie jumping

In Elba since end of July. The crossing over from Corsica (9 hours) went well. We found a safe bay to anchor were we are staying for 5 days. It is quite noisy and busy here with five campgrounds all around the bay nicely hidden among pine trees. The upside of the commotion is: always ice cream in reach, great recycling facilities, cheap rotisserie chicken, German newspapers and magazines, some groceries for sale, a bakery AND – free Zumba workout twice a day in the water at the beach! The music is blasting all across the bay, so you can’t help but move it, too.

More good news: The water is even warmer than in Corsica and there were NO sightings of medusae/Quallen/jellyfish, yet.

Now it is “jet ski time” for Leonie’s birthday. The kids are waiting impatiently in the dinghy. She’ll tell you about it tomorrow, probably.


Sol jumping


Zumba class Elba style


Bill doing Zumba with the ladies


Gabriela jumping



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4 Comments on “Zumba on Elba
  1. Happy leap into your new year, Leonie!
    Water and fire girl as far I remember – LEO Sun / AC and Pisces Moon.
    Seems like you fully enjoy life on the water and under the Sun!

    Sunny greetings from Victoria,

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