Ancient Sites in Greece

Even though we spend most of our time at sea, particularly on this trip where we are doing long-mile-days trying to get to Finike, our far away destination in Turkey, as quickly as possible – we do get to see a bit of the amazing archeological sites of the area. On Naxos we (thankfully) “had” to sit in the harbour for a few days to wait out a Meltemi, the strong dry north wind of the Aegean sea, so we rented a car and got to see a few great sites.


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  1. It is so great to be able to “follow you around” and experience some of the great sights of ancient Greece.
    I wonder, if you can feel the stress and the tension of the people who are in such a terrible financial crisis at the moment. We hear about it on the news every day.

    Hopefully, you are oblivious to all of that and you are able to enjoy a wonderful holiday. Can’t wait to see you back and hear all about it.

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