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It was a perfect sailing day last week with 15 to 20 knots of wind when we started our one week trip with my dad, Siegfried. We headed to the northeast coast of Sardinia so he could see Isola Tavolara and other nice bays in that area, which he hadn’t visited before. The weather is still great (20-25 C)

The week before we spent on land with my mom. We rented two rooms in a little “agriturismo” B&B style in the countryside with a nice little pool and lots of grass for the kids to run around on, play soccer and tag. It was lovely to have the space and time to just hang out with grandma.

We have also started school beginning of September with SelfDesign, a BC homeschooling program, which keeps me busy writing learning plans for the year and weekly learning observations for both kids. That – plus visitors back to back – is occupying much of my time which is why the blog had to fall behind.

Here is a quick overview of what’s next for us: On the boat in and out Porto Rotondo, Sardinia, until October 25th. Then we take the ferry to Civitavecchia and go up to Lago Bolsena to help Carla and Stefan with the olive harvest. Those of you who have been buying the most delicious pure olive oil through Bill the last few years in Victoria: This is the family who grows the olives. We will be there until November 8th. After that the plan is likely for me and the children to travel to Potsdam where we can stay in a friend’s appartment. We want to focus on art, history and culture in Berlin and surroundings and visit with friends.

Bill will go back to Porto Rotondo to do important boat repairs and maintenance and to supervise the rigg and motor repairs which will hopefully start middle of November. Sometime in December we will all meet in Starnberg to celebrate christmas in Bavaria with my family.

I hope you all had a lovely, relaxing and not too FULLfilling Thanksgiving,







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  1. It sounds like you are continuing to have a wonderful time in Sardinia. Olive picking then on to Berlin sounds fun – The Sudoeste crew are very envious as we have lots of boat only time coming up with the Atlantic crossing. Emily says ‘missing you, perhaps we could Skype sometime?’. Take care and catch up soon. Jonathan, Kerry & Emily.

  2. Sounds loveley Gabriella – and the weather still in your favour.
    What an education those kids are getting – I guess the math must be kept up, but believe that the education they receive this year will far surpass any education they would receive sitting in a classroom.
    We love reading everybody’s posts and adventures. All the best!!!
    Kim, Ken, Sean & Chris

  3. Sounds like a great time!! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone too. We had a nice dinner with my friends Elviera & Rick and some other folks at their place in New River Beach. The weather has been really great in SJ in the 15-20 degrees/C which is great or this time of year.
    Love Penni & Jason

  4. Great to be able “to follow you around” as you journey from here to there, Gabriela.
    I had a wonderful, “fulfilling”, not FULLfilling, Thanksgiving, One day with our family in the garden, enjoying balmy air and sunshine, the boys jumping on the trampoline and playing hockey in our driveway. The next day, Thanksgiving Sunday, a “turkey feast” with Beate and Oliver’s family and two couples with their four children! Wonderful company, plentiful, delicious food. Thoroughly enjoyed! Sophie and Alissa had baked the tastiest pumpkin pies, served with whipping cream! Doesn’t it make your mouth water?
    It’s good that you can put aside the troubles of the world and experience how beautiful God’s Creation really is. Thinking of you lots. Love, Ingrid

  5. Sounds all very exciting and exotic…I thought we were lucky to go to Cape Breton for Thanksgiving!!!ha ha…it was wonderful..all is relative I guess.
    Your upcoming few weeks sound very productive…enjoy being on land!!

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