Circo Martin

I went to the circus with dad and Sol in Olbia. There was a tiger who was riding on a horse and there was a lady sitting in a little carriage getting pulled by the tiger and the horse and grizzly bear was sitting next to her. I was surprised that in such a little small circus there were so many exotic animals.


I was also surprised that there could be a captured grizzly bear in Italy when they are supposed to be in Canada. I thought that probably the horse didn’t like that a tiger was on his back and that the bear wouldn’t like to be cuddled by a human. Same with the tiger.


I liked the hippopotamus which running around eating potatoes and cabbage because I was so cute.


We ate popcorn and cotton candy in the circus while watching the show. During the intermission they brought out little ponies to let little kids ride on them. I was too big, I couldn’t. They also brought out a camel, but no one wanted to ride it. We were too far back to ride it. I already rode a camel once at the Ritterspiele in Germany when I was 6 years old.

There was also a group of horses who ran around and did tricks. What I didn’t like about that was that the man who had them perform always slapped them with the whip.

I want to go to a circus again and I probably will in Germany where the biggest circus of Europe has it’s winter quarters.



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  1. It’s a drag when we get “too big” for things that are fun! That’s when we have to get creative! Just back from a dog walk at the “park” near UVic. Lots of fog, and frolicking in the wild space in the middle, hoping to catch rabbits…

    missing my 2 kids…


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