It’s Official: No Splash Until New Year

The lost two weeks at the start of the refit and some out-of-stock seals for our Perkins 4.108 engine mean that I’ll be back in Olbia in January to finish up the work.

As the friends on whose boat I am staying said, to quote G.B. Shaw, “At the end everything will be all right and if not it’s not the end.” My new mantra.

Everything is progressing well and using the extra time on the hard to get a few other projects done. The weather has been splendid the past 10 days – sun, no wind and highs of 15C. Nice way to spend the days, sanding, priming, painting, drilling and looking over the mechanic’s shoulder to learn everything I can about our engine.

My flight to Munich is booked for Dec. 22 where I will join Gabriela, Sol and Leonie to spend Christmas with our family there. The six-week separation has been unfamiliar for everyone after spending 24/7 together since June. We have each been able to explore and learn in our own ways. The children went to school with friends in Berlin for three weeks, Gabriela visited museums and galleries, and now they are soaking up family life with their Oma, Onkel and Tante. Both Sol and Leonie have been to see FC Bayern play, I’ll let them tell you about that in their blogs.

Here is a gallery of recent photos from the shipyard and the work crew:

– Luca continues to work his magic on an engine that was built when he was only 12 years old.

– Nathan guides all things rigging and his contacts in the marine industry have been indispensable as we have essential parts repaired and fabricated.

There are others I’ll introduce you to in future posts. 20131215-192202.jpg20131215-192224.jpg20131215-192310.jpg20131215-192451.jpg20131215-192647.jpg




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  1. Merry Xmas to you and your family Bill.
    We are having a major snow storm here today..30cm expected and right now -12C.It was -20 yesterday!!BRRRR…..good thing I like snow!!
    Your adventure sounds a little less exciting right now as you are away from family but I’m sure all will go as planned later on in the New Year!!
    Best wishes from us here in NS.

  2. Bill,
    Wishing you, Gabrielle, Sol and Leonie a very Merry Christmas together! We have so enjoyed the posts this year and look forward to reading them again next year. Our family is off to Thailand on Thursday to spend a very different Christmas for us and possibly our last big family vacation as our boys carry on with their own adventures.. Your Mom called yesterday, and left a lovely message – I will speak to them when we return in the New Year. All the best! Kim, Ken, Sean and Chris

  3. Wow – Bill – what an adventure you are all on! I’ve been diligently reading all your posts. What a fabulous thing to do for/with your family. Your kids will never forget this trip and I’m sure it will shape them for the rest of their lives. Take care and we wish you all a wonderful Xmas holiday – from our house to yours – Sue and John xox

  4. Bill, What a great adventure. Can you believe that Victoria was minus 15 C just a week ago, with windchill. Temperatures are coming back to normal now, with a few showers.

    Have a wonderful christmas get together with your family.


  5. I lost the message that I started 3 minutes ago, so I’ll send another one.

    Our lives are “worlds apart”, it seems…… you are fixing your boat in full protective gear and I am mixing “Weihnachtsstollen” and forming “Vanille Kipferl” and “Zimtsterne”.
    It’s my youngest grandson Jared’s 6th birthday tomorrow. Looking forward to the celebration.
    I wish you all a great time in Munich or wherever you are celebrating Christmas! Taste some “Lebkuchen”, “Domino Steine” und “Asbach Uralt Weinbrandbohnen”!
    Much love, Ingrid and Walter

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