Hike in the Calanques of Marseille

Sol, Leonie and I had a wonderful outing to the Calanques of Marseille on Friday. The hike in the breathtaking lime stone cliffs and inlets was well worth the trip: We got there from our current home in Avignon by train, metro, bus and Minibus. It took us about four hours each way. But the voyage in itself was a fun adventure and didn’t feel long at all.

Seeing the mediterranean again after almost four months spent mostly in cities felt rejuvenating and made us realize how we had missed that vast space, the wind and the ever changing colours. Leonie voiced it first by saying how she wants to be on the boat now and that the boat should be here. She spoke from my heart, too!

And what a great surprise when, after a good hour of hiking, we reached a gorgeous little bay with a little simple beach restaurant that served – Nutella-crepes.


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  1. Heyo, this is super! you have found quite a spot! and it does not seem as cold as it is here. Avignon: that must be a real adventure in itself, parallel popes and all… I remember visiting the incredible Pont du Gard when, with my parents, I was in the neighbourhood as a child.
    I miss you all,

  2. Sounds idyllic!!…..we are having a raging SNOW BLIZZARD here in NS today!!….think this about our 10th storm or more!!..tough winter for sure.
    Hope it won’t be long before you are on the open sea again.
    Your Mom told me about your shoulder/collar bone..hope you can get that taken care of before too long!
    Enjoy every day!!…you certainly are a very lucky family to be experiencing what most of us will NEVER get to do but only dream of so take it all in and we will enjoy it from our arm chairs!:))
    Take care..Frances

  3. Enjoy this magnificent part of the world – I used to live near Orange, many fond memories… You guys look so happy and what an unforgettable year of adventures this is for your family. Just Wow!
    Where will you be in July?
    Lots of love from the gusty West Coast,

  4. “….by train, Metro, bus and Minibus….” It’s great that you make the effort to see the beauty of the area where you presently are! I admire your energy and stamina, Gabriela! Enjoy your YOUTH and your enthusiasm for life!
    We cannot take anything for granted and we found out, some things change when you are not ready for it. We are trying our best to take one challenge at a time.
    We miss you!
    Ingrid and Walter

  5. Ja sowas, liebe Gabriela und Family,
    da seid Ihr schon wieder unterwegs! Ein Abenteuer jagt das naechste!
    Sag mal, wie habt Ihr denn das organisiert, dass es sustainable ist? Arbeitest Du oder Bill online? Verratet Ihr mir Euer Geheimnis?
    Dann werd ich vielleicht auch zur modernen Nomadin 🙂

    Und wann seid Ihr wieder mal in Victoria?
    Oder vielleicht trifft man sich ja in Europa?
    Alles Liebe weiterhin,

  6. Wie geht es eigentlich dem armen Bill? Looking at the hardware that was removed from your shoulder, makes me cringe. When was the surgery? Sounds quite horrendous to me. We never heard a word about your pain…… there was just “Sendepause” for a while and I wondered where you were? Where are you recovering? How does your family get along without you? I have lots of questions.
    Most important is that you recover quickly and feel free of pain really soon. Forget about skiing for awhile and enjoy rest and relaxation.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Ingrid and Walter

  7. Bill, it’s great to see that you have joined your family and you are all looking very happy together!
    Wishing you “great sailing” and memorable experiences for the remainder of your adventure. However, we can’t wait to see you back home. Actually, we are little bit envious because we feel somehow “left out”.
    But, never mind, we have our garden which needs lots of attention now. The “hyacynths” and the daffodils are beautiful. The pink blossoms on the trees are absolutely awesome!
    Stay well and happy! Looking forward to seeing you soon……whenever. Love, Ingrid

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