No Corrosion

I returned to Starnberg this week to have this removed from my collarbone. The metal plate was installed one year ago this month by doctors in Victoria after I was hit by a snowboarder on Mount Washington. I have an acute infection of the soft tissue that was being complicated by the metal plate with risk of bone infection so doctors here and in Canada said it was medically necessary to get the hardware out. I am recovering well thanks to the wonderful care of my mother-in-law and the orthopedic surgeon and his medical team. When all continues well, stitches come out in two weeks or so and then back to Sardinia and the boat.



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  1. Glad to hear everything went well!! No wonder your body rejected that hardware as I can not believe the size and amount of materials. I am glad it is out and I am sure you will have less complications. I will give you a call .


  2. Super! But, say, did you not need those screws (and the metal lizard) to keep the shoulders in place or whatever? Or has your bone come back to normal now?
    Enjoy the Bavarian fare while you can!

  3. GOOD NEWS!!..glad you got that out!!!…your Mom will be happy!
    ‘Enjoyed the posts from Sol and Leoni….what fun they are having!!!
    Also the one from Gabrielle…oh my, she is so much braver than I…would not want to go down into those Catacombs!!!!:(((((
    Take care…..Frances

  4. Wow, that’s good news, Bill!
    Seems like you already recovered so well over the last year!
    Thanks for all the posts, so many adventures, you guys rock!
    Enjoy the recovery in Germany!

  5. Great to hear you are recovering well and our thoughts from Victoria are with you for a speedy recovery. Keep the stainless part it may be handy on the boat… Cheers from Stray Kitty

  6. Man! That’s a serious piece of hardware, Bill. I’m so glad your surgery went well. Here’s to a speedy recovery and your family’s reunion on the sea soon. We miss you guys terribly. Lots of love, Suzanne

  7. Wow Bill, that is quite the contraption – glad you are on the mend, and ready to join your family again. We love love reading about your adventures.

    The Moen’s

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