Super pics from Provence

Hi guys,

while we were in Avignon Leonie and I did horseback riding. One time we went on a three hour trail ride, pretty long, eh? Here I am on my favorite horse from the centre equestre Le Lozet, his name is Oregon and he is a pretty tall and fast horse. We also did two weeks of riding camp during the French spring break.


We rented a car and drove to Nîmes to visit the world’s best preserved Roman amphitheatre. To our surprise it was closed to sightseeing and open for a free junior bullfight. It was very exciting.



We visited the ancient fort of Les-Baux de Provence and had a picnic in the rocks. In the background you can see the medieval village of Les-Baux.



We stayed with David and Lucien in their house in Avignon. It was fun, except for this neighbour who always complained about me shooting the soccer ball on the street.


with David and L

with David and Lucien








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on “Super pics from Provence
One Comment on “Super pics from Provence
  1. Great posts!!……you all look amazing with your tans and it is fun to see the places you have visited and all of the fun you have had in your write ups.
    We are having freezing rain here in NS as I write this and had 40 cm of snow last week,,,,Spring in name only for sure!!
    Hope you get on your way soon in your lovely boat with the nice new beds!
    !0 degrees C. sounds absolutely balmy for us!!…we are often still minus 10 at night….lol

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