Sharki and the Dolphins


We made it to Trapani, Sicily, in 34 hours with lots of marine life passing and some staying for a while to play.

Our Sharki is sailing well and, it seems, faster than before thanks to the clean hull. The motor is just purring along nicely.

To see the excitement we had with visiting dolphins, watch my three-minute-movie “Sharki and the dolphins”:



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  1. Wow!!…it was as if we were on the boat with you!!…the sound of the dolphins and the waves……wonderful!!….you are indeed living the DREAM!!….enjoy!

  2. Gratuliere Euch zu Eurer Überfahrt. Da habt Ihr ja tolles Wetter erwischt! Hippodackl hat sich sicherlich auch sehr gefreut, mit den Delfinen spielen zu können 😉 Liebe Grüße an alle.

  3. Great, and great pictures. You did a good job and make Sharki fit for this trip. So we are to late, we arrive at 7. june in sicily when you make for the Ionien Islands, right?
    So have a great time. Was Sol the whole time on watch, how he like?
    All the best from the Holzingers

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