Thank You!


We are back in Canada!

Just landed in Calgary and waiting for our connection. We are tired, happy, excited and sad all at the same time. The last few days have been so busy (getting the boat ready) and hot that we were actually looking forward to leaving Greece and the Marina.

Thank you all for staying in touch through the blog and e-mail, your interest meant a lot to us and helped us feel connected.

Gabriela, Bill, Sol and Leonie



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  1. Welcome back!!… glad you are back in dear old Canada!!….safe and sound!
    Your parents will be ever so pleased!!
    What a wonderful experience you have had as a family!:))
    Hope everything goes smoothly in your transition back to “reality”!….lol
    All the best…Frances

  2. Welcome back! thank you for sharing your amazing experiences in your blog, it’s been a real pleasure reading them – it was like living some of it through your writing. Wünsche Euch einen guten und seichten Wiedereinstieg in das Leben an der Westküste.
    Liebe Grüsse, Sophia

  3. Wenn man die vielen Monate zählt in denen ihr weg ward, dann ist es schon ganz
    beträchtlich, dass ihr es so lange “ausgehalten” habt. Ihr habt so viel erlebt! Es ist überwältigend! Schwieriges, Leichtes, Schönes, Aufregendes, Überraschendes, Bereicherndes und vieles mehr!
    Es wird eine Weile dauern, bevor ihr Euch wieder an das Leben hier gewöhnen werdet. Aber, wir helfen Euch dabei!
    Alles Liebe, Walter und Ingrid

  4. So good to hear you are almost back, Gabriela, Bill, Sol, and Leonie!
    It will be great to SEE you again in good ol’ Victoria – welcome back!
    What an adventure it was – amazing!
    Lieben Dank fuer den spannenden Abenteuer-Blog aus dem richtigen Leben!
    Bis bald, alles Liebe!

  5. Glad to hear that you are back home. I have a new phone number 506-214-5684 and a new German Shepherd puppy just born on Wednesday and will come home with me on October 7.
    Hope you all had a good flight home and are settling back into ‘land life’.
    Just heading out with a group to do a long run this morning.

    talk soon

  6. A wonderful year, especially for the children. We have very much enjoyed your blogs. Now back to reality. Bill, you must be looking forward to seeing your parents for the whole winter. Yes, we were with Dad when he “smacked” his lips with a beer. Rum to follow. All the best! David and Betty Flack.

  7. Looking forward to seeing you all once you are back and settled in! Congratulations on making the most of such a great opportunity!! Sara

  8. Welcome back! We too have so enjoyed reading about your amazing experiences – memories for all of you, for a lifetime. We hope we will see you over the winter. All the best – Kim, Ken, Sean and Chris.

  9. Hey guys, welcome back to sunny Victoria, once you are all settled we must get together and hear all your sea shanty stories first hand!!

  10. Wow! You are home! and it looks like you are off again before you can even put your feet on the ground. 🙂 I will get in touch in mid September. Hope you are all well and thanks again for the fabulous photos and stories. They were really great to read. S xo

  11. Welcome Home, Gabriela and Family!!!
    Looking forward to seeing you around again.
    Have fun on Thetis Island!
    Here’s to New Beginnings in a familiar place – Wishing you all the best!

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