Porto Rotondo

Exactly two weeks ago we arrived in Porto Rotondo and we are still here! Not quite as planned, but there are worse places to be stuck in (check out the pictures of the town). We did get some important work done on the boat and Bill just finished a scuba diving course today which took all week. Now we are getting ready to leave tomorrow morning or midday. Just in time when our lease here at the Marina is running out. We won’t venture too far since we have to be in Olbia, the main town in the North of Sardinia, by the end of the week. Some parts of the Sharki’s standing rigging need to be replaced and that will be done in Olbia.

In the meantime, Mark, a dutch electrician and handyman who is living on a sailboat as well, managed to fix the bow thruster motor fairly easily. Bill and I were so relieved! Thanks to Siegfried and Sigi our boat is well stocked with every spare part imaginable so Mark could just put in the new relais and everything is working fine again.

Sol and Leonie had some intense and fun time with Asia (11) and Aranya (8), the two british girls I had mentioned before. Thursday night they got invited for a sleepover on their nice and spacious Catamaran – with pizza, a movie, sleeping out on deck and all. This was much appreciated particularly since this was the evening when Mark, the mechanic, was working until late and our whole cabin was in chaos. By the time Bill and I got cleaned up to go out and enjoy our date à deux together it was ten o’clock. But the restaurant was still hopping and the pizza was delicious. What an unexpected treat!

When the kids had to say Goodbye to each other the next afternoon, they were all quite sad. Leonie wanted to follow them to Rome, which is were they were headed. Their plan is to sail across the Atlantic!

I am looking forward to sailing and exploring some new bays and beaches more on the Eastern side of the Costa Smeralda of Sardinia, where we haven’t been, yet. It will be nice to be on anchorage and away from the hustle and bustle of coming and going yachts.





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