Off to the mainland

October 24 in Porto Rotondo

October 24 in Porto Rotondo

The boat is all clean thanks to our “fleißige Lieschen” here. I polished so much I actually had sore index fingers in the evening. It is always a big job getting everything packed, clean, tucked away and safely tied up. The dinghy, for example, has to be scrubbed, dry in the sun and then folded and packed into its bag. Thankfully the weather was still sunny and warm so things dried out well.

Our surrogate grandparents Norbert and Elsbeth from South Africa who have their catamaran four moorings over on our dock wouldn’t allow us to take the bus from Porto Rotondo to Olbia. They insisted on chauffeuring us right to the ferry terminal yesterday evening. We took the overnight ferry from Olbia and arrived here in Civitavecchia at 6.30 am.

Now we are watching the city wake up from a caffè on the corso with fast free internet, something we haven’t had since we left Canada! The kids bought themselves Champions League soccer sticker books. They are so excited discovering which players they got and sticking them onto the right spaces, they forget how tired they are. Leonie just got Messi from Barcelona! She is thrilled.

Once the rental car company is open we will get our car. We still haven’t decided if we take a two hour detour to Rome before heading north to Lago Bolsena. We’ll keep you posted.


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  1. Sounds so fun, living the free and adventurous life, yet probably a lot of daily chores and upkeep. Love reading and seeing the pictures – Leoni and Sol seem to be happy as clams. Take care…and go to Rome…when in doubt, do as the Romans do – go to….

  2. ah yes, and when in Rome, go to where the bones are… Leonie and Sol will love it. Check this: The Capuchini Bone Chapel in Rome‎.

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