Soccer Challenge


Check out this soccer crew: oldest player 72, youngest 9! What a tough game we had. Everybody ran and plunged and dribbled their best. We laughed so hard my tummy was sore. My muscles, too, by the way.

The kids were so excited to get our boater friends in Porto Rotondo together for this game, they could hardly wait for it to start. In lieu of any kids to play with they got quite creative playing with each other, keeping themselves busy and visiting neighbors. They lost their inhibition or slow approach connecting quickly with people of all ages and from different countries.

Observing how the children look for ways to spend time with people of any age and background makes me realize how important community is to them. It also made me feel a wee bit guilty for taking them out of community into this ever-changing world of (older) sailors. On the other hand it is neat to see how they adapt and grow with the change and challenge.

But it certainly isn’t always easy for them and there definitely is a void of same age playmates at this time in our adventure. So both kids are looking very much forward to going to Berlin, where we will spend time with our friends Imke and Andreas and their boys Lasse and Finn. They even want to go to school there for a while, something they have been absolutely opposed to earlier.

Hopefully they’ll have a good time. And I am looking forward to some alone time in the big city!



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  1. Yes, we’re 2 of the your community that misses you all!!

    Glad to hear you’re still having a great adventure. Your personalities ring through your messages very effectively. Bill’s handyman post was funny too!

    B and B

  2. Wonderful picture!!…a real great looking group of folks.
    I can imagine that you do worry for the kids but they will adapt…kids are a lot more resilient then we give them credit for at times.
    Talked to your parents yesterday..they seem really good and your Dad is eating some egg and oatmeal!!..hurray!
    Cool here today and windy..snowflakes might be on the horizon next week!?!?…about 10 C today….
    Enjoy your time as “landlubbers”!!

  3. Oh I think that the kids DO have a community – just a slightly different one. You cannot discount the importance of hanging around adults as opposed to kids. It will only benefit them.

    On a side note, so that is the key to getting kids to want to go to school? I might have to send Oscar to you for a bit to work on the boat!
    Continued happy travels!
    Lori, Tim, Oscar and the 3 Ridgebacks

  4. Some “alone time’, oh, that ever appeal to me!

    I see how the children have grown a lot since June, especially Sol!
    Is that perception correct?
    You adults look very happy with yourselves. Keep the momentum going.

    We are doing better as well. Our daughter Jenny from Utah is here for a week
    for a short holiday. Greetings and hugs to all. Ingrid and Walter

  5. actually, I meant “does that ever appeal to me”– the “alone time”.

    Sometimes it pays to read what you have written before you send it off.

    Love, Ingrid

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