An Acrostic

Sailing South

Sails are filling round and white
Aeolus gave us winds so right
It feels like flying, it’s a stupendous ride

Limitless seems the ocean wide

If only my mind could always be this clear
Nowhere else, but on our course right here
Gladly I leave the bustle of town
Serenity lies in rippling water’s sound
Ormos Póros glitters with bright southern sun
Underneath fish nibble when the day ‘s done
Tell me: Why give up this live, free and bold?
Home, friends await, and the winter gets cold!

Gabriela (June 2014)




on “An Acrostic
4 Comments on “An Acrostic
  1. Wowzer! I had never heard about acrostic poetry before…I was so used to sarcastic poems by Swift, Pope, etc. But now there is a challenge for me…to be acrostic for a change! Great poem, Gabriella!
    Stay safe and…Swift?

  2. Hey…great poem!
    picture is so pretty.
    Not so bad here either now..high 20’s today and everything is in month of the year really.
    Glad you are still afloat….lol
    Hi to Bill.

  3. I love your arcostic Aeolian inspired poem, Gabriela!
    Seems like Neptune in early Pisces opposing your Virgoan sides blesses your sailing (ad)venture, and washes the muses your way, from all dimensions.
    Looking forward to seeing you and your family again on Terra Firma (well, our Island) sooon – when?
    Sunny glory from Victoria,

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