Beach Clean Up !


In Two Rock Bay there was a very very nice sandy beach with sadly a lot of garbage. So we decided to collect it. You would not believe what I found !!!!

A LAMB SKELETON ! Sadly I could not keep it. Not even one little rib !IMG_5992

The first load of garbage – we found much more. Thankfully there were garbage bins up top where we could dump the bags.


Afterwards I went swimming. The water was surprisingly warm for the evening.


on “Beach Clean Up !
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  1. Wow, you guys are so inspiring, Leonie & Bill!
    Makes me want to go out with rubber gloves and a garbage bag for a beach clean-up too.
    I look forward to hearing about your adventures when you are all back in Victoria! 🙂
    Hopefully soon!

  2. Hey..kudos to you all!..great job!!….your Mom/Grandmother would be very pleased with you..she is the chief garbage cleaner of Crescent Beach!
    Looks like a nice spot regardless of the garbage…lol
    We are enjoying nice temps. here …high 20’s and even 30 one day this week.
    We will be in BC less than 2 weeks from now…..getting excited.
    Hope you continue to enjoy your travels.
    Not too long and you will be thinking about home too..August is it?

  3. great project!

    I would have helped with that lamb skeleton, if I’d just known, I’d have been there fast!

    Oh, and I too was doing some swimming here, recently. The water was NOT warm, but there was an otter within 5′ of the beach when I saw it, so I went after it, barking of course. Mom was on the beach shouting something at me, I was too busy to notice at the time. After several minutes, I started getting quite tired, and realized how far out I was…. and then I realized Mom was calling me to come in! So, I decided to listen….!

    I miss you!

    Can’t wait to lick you. I can’t figure out where you have disappeared!

    your friend,


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