A normal day on anchor

Two Rock Bay on mainland Greece turned out to be so beautifully natural that we ended up staying five days on anchor there. With crystal clear water, a secluded sandy beach, caves to explore, rock pillars with lots of sea life to see under water and no houses in sight we did not want to leave. Here is what a normal day on anchor looks like for us:



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  1. Thanks for letting us be part of your interesting lives “on the waves”.
    We are doing well , considering our health challenges. Enjoying music
    at home and at concerts at the Conservatory of Music and at the University.

    Today was Rowen’s, (my 8 year old grandson’s), piano recital. There were 10 children playing recorder and piano, all at the beginner level, but everyone in his/her unique style and of varying talent and ability. Very enjoyable!

    The teacher is phenomenal, considering what has been accomplished in 9 months of once-a-week 30- minute lessons.

    Our love to all of you. Stay well and happy until we see you again. Ingrid and Walter

  2. So enjoying the photos and reminiscences of your Greek travels. We were so lucky to have been a part of the adventure! Enjoy these last couple of months and see you in August!

    • I recognize your Gravatar from Vulcano! Greece is natural and laid back, anchoring at quiet bays, tying up at town piers, meeting locals and soaking up life.

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