World Cup Mania

Deutschland Vor Noch Ein Tor!

Deutschland Vor Noch Ein Tor!

Our sailing itinerary since June 12 has been driven by Germany’s draw at the World Cup. We didn’t miss a game, making our way to town quays, walking and driving in by dinghy from our anchorage. The excitement, and our anxiety, has been building to culminate in yesterday’s nailbiter of a Final.

All the bars in Sivota were jammed with fans, overwhelmingly cheering for Argentina – the Greeks, I guess, due to Merkel’s austerity program and the British and Dutch because they will never cheer for Germany.

When Goetze scored deep in extra time we jumped for joy  hugging our new Serbian and Maltese friends we met here who joined us for the game.

Afterwards, Andrea from Belgrade, cracked open a bottle of champagne to toast the new Weltmeister!

On board My Golden Angel. Local time 2 a.m.

On board My Golden Angel. Local time 2 a.m.


6 comments to “World Cup Mania”
6 comments to “World Cup Mania”
  1. Hello to you all – yes it was a great series of games wasn’t it? We picked it up in a coffee house in Hope on the way home from two weeks away. You guys look great – happy travels and can’t wait to read your next post – S xo

  2. We were thinking of you folks, as we sat on our boat on Lake Osoyoos listening to the game, knowing that you folks would be somewhere on shore watching the game, and would be so excited that Germany won!

    Enjoy the rest of your travels!


  3. You stayed up until 2 a.m? …… that tells all !!

    To be honest, I felt badly for the Brasilian team and I also thought, it is time, the Germans practiced a bit of humility. But, when talking about “Fußball Meisterschaft”, I should probably keep these thoughts to myself. All my relatives and German friends in Victoria were overjoyed! You should have seen the people at the “Edelweiß Club”. They were going crazy! Had had a few beer and acted accordingly.
    My German relatives sent a picture of the German flag, eating up the Argentinian flag.
    Anyway, you look so happy on the picture you sent, and, of course, I am happy too!
    P.S. The facebook picture you couldn’t see, Gabriela, was of Rowen, playing the piano.

  4. Yes, I BET you celebrated that goal 8 minutes into overtime!!

    Glad to hear things are going well. Hope you won’t find it too dull when you get home to Victoria!

    hugs to all, and licks all around!

    Brynn, and Bonnie

  5. I have been following your blog for some time but have not commented until now. Your “normal day on anchor” sounds like an impossible dream to me. I’m so glad that your adventure is working out well. Your words and photos are fabulous so keep blogging! Best wishes.

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