Island Walks

Cephalonia offers some enchanting walks easily accessible from Fiskardo or nearby anchorages. With Gabriela’s father, Siegfried, visiting it gave Gabriela and me the opportunity to rise early and walk off into the hills to explore old villages, secluded coves along a network of ancient trails now well signposted for visiting walkers.


6 comments to “Island Walks”
6 comments to “Island Walks”
  1. Hello Bill, it was wonderful to see your Dad finally “untethered” from the feeding tube last Sunday afternoon at the Winery in Crousetown. Your Mom looked well too. You and your family are having a fine year of experiences, ones that will be remembered for the rest of your lives. Keep ‘er goin’! All the best! DF

  2. Greetings from the land of Falkland in the sleepy hamlet of Croak Bay where the major excitement is chasing deer out of the yard AFTER they’ve devoured the veggies, roses, figs etc. Then, there’s always the deer chasing us now they have grown so big and strong from such a diverse and abundant culinary smorgasbord. I’m awaiting your return to watch over the neighbourhood while I head off on some adventures. Meanwhile, lots of little but important things have been happening in our lives. We’re so glad your adventure has been…SHARKI!!

  3. Bill, beautiful pictures – you look much too tanned and relaxed.
    We too have so enjoyed your adventures over the past year – hope we can catch up when you return.
    Chris is going to U of T in the fall, and as we head back there, we are going to Halifax for a couple of days to see the relatives – I look forward to seeing your mom and dad!
    Enjoy the rest of your trip and all the best! Of course school may not be starting on time in September, but I suspect you are well aware of that, but I am sure that Sol and Leonie will be anxious to see their friends again!

  4. Looking forward to seeing you all soon. What a wonderful adventure you all have had. Have been following along as you went.

  5. Do I sense that there are plans to return to Victoria “one of these days?”
    Perhaps, you would like to extend your adventures for another year or two?
    What the “heck”?
    Tell us, what’s up?
    Greetings from Ingrid and Walter

  6. Hey Bill,
    Amzing meeting of minds! Just a couple of days ago I was checking out Mr. Juan de Fuca for some reason. Turns out, as you probably know, that he was Greek, Ioannis Phokas, but, get this, that he is from Cephalonia! After *not* getting the major reward from the King of Spain that he was hoping for, for finding (ahem, claiming to find) the NW passage, he thought of retiring to Cephanolia again, but then started to work for the competition, the Brits!
    Any way, p’haps you can ask around to see if he has any rellies left there ; )
    Till soon then,

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