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I am soooooo excited to go on the boat again and sail. My mom and I are going to go to Germany in the end of may, and then my dad and brother are coming in june.  I can’t wait for the ice cream and granita in Greece !!! You can see what a granita looks like above. GRANITAS are the most delicious and refreshing and tasty drinks of all…and…and…and…  Let’s just say that granitas are like slushy’s but wayyyyy better.  Try it !!!





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  1. I will have a lime granita and then go for a swim! I also look forward to being back on Hippo with you, Gabriela, and Sol.

  2. Oh, you lucky “ducklings”! “Granita!” Sure, I’ll try it. Just send one my way!
    I can feel how excited you all are, and, here I thought you were soooooo happy
    to be back in Victoria.
    However, you’ll have holidays soon and it is so great to do something exciting during summer holidays. You might even take a side trip and see the Schmidtkes in Germany, Italy or France……………where ever they are ???????
    Anyway, macht’s gut! Viel Freude und viel Glück!
    Fondly, Ingrid and Walter
    P.S. We’ll be doing lots of work in our garden!

  3. i just had them here in Italy!!!! Amazing! I had a mint one which wasn’t too good but i bet the lime one is great, Bill;) I can’t wait to see your posts!
    Much love from Fiesole<3

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