The doggies of Fineke

In our new marina in Finke there where lots of dogs on our dock. Some of them sometimes followed us, when we went into town. Most of the time the dogs that mostly followed me were: a three legged dog that I called “Hüpfi” wich in German means Jumpy, (I named him that because he could not walk properly so it looked like he was jumping around!) and another dog, that followed me had one blind eye so I always approached him on his left side because the right was blind.

There were so many dogs here because boaters living in the marina all the time are looking after them; they feed them, they build them dog houses and they neuter them. They also look after there health and take them for walks.

The dogs are all very friendly and like to play with you. There was one dog whom I did not name, and who was always jumping up on me and stuff. He was very playful and was still pretty young. He had black fur with a touch of brown.

One time Hüpfi  and the one with the blind side followed us out for dinner and while we ate our dinner they were just peacefully lying under the table and sleeping. They were soooooo cute!!!!!!!  After we ate we gave them the rest of the meat I ordered; they ate it slowly but surely out of my hand.

Leonie with a sweet three-legged doggie in Fineke, Turkey

Leonie with “Hüpfi”, a three legged dog in Fineke, Turkey


"Hüpfi" sleeping in the shade

“Hüpfi” sleeping in the shade

3 comments to “The doggies of Fineke”
3 comments to “The doggies of Fineke”
  1. It’s so good to hear the travelling boaters, including you, look after these dogs. They must get so much love and many new friends at this time of year. Wishing you great weather and continued adventures!

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